Updated 8/18/2004

Latest Version is 1.0.6


Revision History

8/18/2004:    Release of Version 1.0.6

5/31/2004:    Release of Version 1.0.5

3/13/2004:    Release of Version 1.0.4

12/13/2003:    Release of Version 1.0.3

12/8/2003:    Release of Version 1.0.2

12/7/2003:    Release of Version 1.0.1

11/30/2003:  Initial Release of Version 1.0.0


Click the link button below to download the GuideDog software.  After downloading, unzip and run the setup program to install GuideDog on your computer.

If you have previously installed GuideDog, you should uninstall it from the Windows Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs" before running the setup program.

Note:  If you are installing on Windows 2000/XP you must be logged in with administrator privileges to install GuideDog.  This is necessary so that the installation can install/update the necessary Visual Basic runtime DLL's.

You can completely remove the software using Add/Remove Programs from your Windows control panel.


There are two documents which describe how to use GuideDog.  The Quick Start Guide shows how to setup/configure the software and start a guiding session.  The GuideDog Reference includes a description of all of GuideDog's menus, buttons, and controls.  Both of these documents are available from the download page.


GuideDog Download